Idea Quotient Labs is a design & branding company with expertise in internet based technologies - web design, development, and branding. We are a part of IQL - IQL Technologies Pvt. Ltd. -a globally reputed IT company. Our web services include web application development, branding, web design, social media management, internet marketing, internet security and more. We believe we can transform businesses into industries, small companies into corporations and individuals into personalities.


Our web services include web application development, branding, web design, social media management, internet marketing, internet security and much more


A great brand image is an asset that has highest ROI over any other form of marketing. We build brand image through well thought graphic elements, design principles and brand message that you want to send across through website design, UX, logo and overall product presentation.


World is getting closer to becoming a global village with increased smartphone and internet penetration. At IQL we develop  mobile applications, all device friendly websites, and web based software that impacts millions of lives. Our experience with web technologies is an all time guarantee of scalability when you expand.


We help businesses and organizations reach their targeted audience using web search, social media, electronic media, and web based advertisements. Our ad and search engine optimization startegy are uniquely designed to suite customer specific needs. Advertisements are designed to perform and optimally engage target audience.


From a small website to custom branding and more, we offer a complete suite of services that complements your requirement

Web Design & Branding

We develop corporate websites, business websites advanced portals and more with our in-house web design team

Web Development

We develop web based software like control panels, HR software, process management suites, office suites, small social networks and more.

Mobile APP

Being a development company with app experience, we develop cross platform mobile applications that run on Android, iOS and Windows platforms


We optimize your website, its content, layout and speed, and 100+ other search engine ranking factors to make you stand out in the world of search

Social Media

With our unique social media approach and viral branding strategies, we can make you reach millions of customer and prospects around the globe with your brand messages.

Web Hosting & Domain Name

We offer India's fastest web hosting with local IP address. Our servers are located in Mumbai and we make sure your website stands out with speed.


Our management consists of people from diverse backgrounds and expertise that makes us uniquely positioned to cater to your requirements

Ahmad Jawed - journalist, Inquilab


An inspiration for the team with media background, A. Javed keeps the team motivated.


Tariq loves solving complex problems ranging from Branding to Bioinformatics.


Nabeel interacts with clients & team and leads the projects to completion.


Usama works is a sworn-in graphic designer. Beautiful graphics are his identity.


Our association with industry leaders reflect the level of quality and efforts we put in for our clients

Mail & collaboration suite partner - IQL
Cloudflare- CDN & Firewall partner - IQL
SAP- Enterprise software partner - IQL
McAfee - website security partner - IQL
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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
- Leonardo da Vinci

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