Beware: ‘Secure’ is not ‘Safe’ in Chrome

Beware: ‘Secure’ is not ‘Safe’ in Chrome

In a rather disturbing trend, Google – the maker of Google Chrome has started marking the website using SSL as ‘Secure’. In an blogpost by Wordfence Security that it has led to spammers, phishers and hijackers to¬†using SSL on their website to show “Secure website”.

It is a very dangerous situation wherein a hacker with a domain can create a subdomain google. com-secure . com which will further be shown as secure by Google Chrome.

It was also shown that since validation of SSL certificates were not done in real-time, it led to some revoked certificate being shown as secure and being acceptable in Google Chrome.

Users are advised to look at the URL very carefully before entering a password anywhere on the web.

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Tariq likes to call himself a computer wizard and aspires to be one, one day. He is the founder and CEO of Idea Quotient Labs

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