Vocal for Local: Best Web Hosting Service Provider Platforms in India

Hosting Types

This list of Indian web hosting service providers. If you are also boycotting china, choose any one of these web hosts based in India.

What is web hosting?

Each and every website you visit has a name, it is called a domain, and the one that hosts our website is called Web Hosting. In a simple language we can consider the domain name as address and the web hosting as physical building.

When you browse the web in the search engine, the browser asks you for the domain name where your own website is hosted. You need to enter your URL (https://www.ideaquotient.in/) in the domain name. The browser collects and downloads data and gives information to the user.

Web hosting is one such process to host any website on a server. Every user has to do web hosting when he buys the domain.

Now a lot of webhosting Plans are available in different packages in the market, I will discuss this later.

First of all, let us know how many types of web hosting?


Which is the best and low price web hosting service provider in India?


Here is the top Indian Hosting companies

  1. IndiaTap
  2. A2Hosting
  3. SiteGround
  4. Hostinger


It is a purely Indian company with data centers based in Delhi-NCR. It is managed by IQL Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A2 Hosting  

It is one of the FASTER WEB HOSTING services


Secure and fast web hosting platform for business websites and successful personal websites

Make or Migrate Your Website Easily


Hostinger India

Hostinger’s webhosting plan using 29 million users in 14 countries around the world.

Hostinger is the cheapest and best web hosting service provider company which is best for new startups and most popular in India. Its hosting services are very fast which is very much liked by a new blogger and startup.

Hostinger are joining thousands of customers every day, so if you want to get a good hosting plan too, then you should buy from its official website and develop some fresh new technology.




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