Guide to starting an IT startup without technical knowledge

The exponential growth of small IT startups in recent times have inspired people with non technical background to get their hands dirty in startup world. If you too are among them, it is a good time to start. Here are few things to take care of when you are sure that your web app can be the next Facebook.

Step 1: Jot down the ideas behind your startup

Before going for any startup, ask yourself a few questions such as “what is my app for?”, “what will it do?”, “will it be able to sustain itself or generate some revenue?”. Asking these questions and jotting them down will save you from headache in the long run.

Step 2: Wire frame your app

Wire framing means creating an overview of overall functionality, UI, Design or logo. If you are not sure about how it can be done, take a look  at the wire framing done before Twitter was made. It is due to a solid vision and background that an app succeed.


Wireframe of Twitter

Step 3: Identify technologies to be employed

Before taking a headstart, identify the technologies that may be used. You can do this by Googling ‘How to” and “How does”. Don’t confuse between ‘identifying’ and ‘learning’, you don’t need to learn any of them, instead.

Step 4: Set your budget and deadline

Always set a goal and the amount of money and time you are ready to spend for your startup. Keep in mind that it is the most important factor in any startup life cycle. If you are not fully dedicated, you can’t make it succeed.

Step 5: Find an IT agency

Most people don’t share their idea to agencies or designers because they fear it might get ‘stolen’. Always remember that any idea is worth only 1% and they way it is implemented and marketed is 99% of the value. So don’t fear, get a quote for you particular work along with deadline. Choosing a good agency is also crucial because most of the agencies won’t let quality and low price go hand in hand. You may consider Idea Quotient Labs for this purpose.

[note color=”#eeee22″]TIP: Never offer an agency to do your work in exchange of the ‘shares’/percentage etc. because that shows you are not at all serious about your project. And yes, Don’t be a client from hell.[/note]

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