List of top 10 web designing companies in India

We present you a list of top 5 web designing companies in India. This list has been prepared by the team after  a lot of research. We have considered following parameters on average:

  1. Number of Staff
  2. Average education of designers
  3. Average experience of the staff
  4. Volume of Business
  5. Number of clients served
  6. Average customer rating

The Ranks:

  1. Idea Quotient Labs: Idea Quotient Labs is a website designing company in Delhi which was founded in 2011. It has been rated as one of the best design agencies all over India
  2. Mink Digital : Mink digital is a web designing company in Delhi that has 50 People with an average Bachelors Degree and four years of experience. They were established in 2012
  3. Beard Design: it ranks third best web designing company
  4. AJ /info: Based in okhla, it is one of the oldest web designing company in okhla
  5. Point software: It is a web design company in Okhla
  6. Magnon: They rank 7th best. Their rank has dropped after rebranding
  7. IQL Global:  The parent company behind Idea Quotient Labs
  8. Times OOH : Branch of Times of India, provides web designing in Delhi
  9. Cross Section: A web designing company Located in South Delhi
  10. Adron soft: It is based in Delhi
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