Why PayUmoney is not the right choice of payment gateway for your business

A payment gateway is crucial to any e-commerce website. The payment gateway you choose not only has an indirect access to your customer database are but they also have all your money. Although it is difficult to choose a payment gateway, choosing one wisely is highly recommended. We have learned this lesson the hard way after our experience with PayUmoney payment gateway. We are sharing our experience because we want our customers and clients to choose wisely and understand what they need to look for before choosing one.


1. Customer care is above all. Period.

It is natural to go for a payment gateway with easiest signup process or to go with a payment gateway that gives you lowest TDR, but STOP, have you thought who will you talk to if your money doesn’t reaches you? ? Have you considered how frustrating that can be? Well, we chose PayUmoney payment gateway two years back, in 2016, and in 2018 all of a sudden our money was struck. One transaction was deducted with more than Rs. 2000 and rest amount was sent to our bank and other transaction was not settled for more than two weeks. With no one to talk to, no phone number and just an email address, we were left hopeless. We mailed them and got a response that we will be called back. Then after a lot of Googling, we got the number of their headquarters whence we were redirected to PayUMoney, explained them everything. We were told we will get  a call back and the loop starts again, no call back, repeated calls and thus starts our journey of frustration. PayUmoney used to have a dedicated account manager but now there is no such concept, no phone number, nothing.

2. Uniformity is the key

If your payment gateway allows you to collect and settle money through their platform without documentation while disallowing the same through your website, you know, something is fishy, something is broken. That’s PayUmoney. If the same payment gateway has two names offering same thing with different pricing structure, you have to understand that something needs to be fixed.

3. API documentation must be clear, real and working

You may be wondering what is API. Alright, It is the interface through which your website or your application/server is going to ‘talk’ to your payment gateway. Your payment gateway should have a working API and example codes. We were shocked to find silly mistakes in the documentations of PayUmoney. Have a look yourself



So we have discussed why you should choose a payment gateway wisely. We are yet to  find out what is a better alternative to PayUmoney in India. So far it has been a smooth ride signing up with ccAvenue but we have not yet read their documentation or even recieved a payment with them yet. As it happens, we will update this post in future. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to share. See you next time.


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