Why SEO is the new alternative to TV Advertising

It is that time of the year when we are all thinking about growth – an exponential growth. And growth is rarely possible without new leads. So how do you capture new leads? How do you re-market them? Let’s talk about it.

When your prospective customer is looking for your services, they no more go and find yellow pages or even ask someone about it anymore. They simply take their phone or laptop out and search. They search on Google, they search on Siri, on chrome address bar, on social networks,or on whatever they get their hands onto. That’s where the smart brands capture their prospect and generate their leads. That’s what makes them smart. That’s what is the secret ingredient to exponential growth.

But how?

  1. By making their website be in top 10 search result they make a bold statement – that they are there for the service – that they are known form their services.
  2. By utilizing some psychological lead capture tricks: think about an offer popup when you are just about to close the website, think about “just 2 pieces left” message and also think about countdown timers.
  3. By advertising to their prospects: From banner ads to search ads it is imperative that advertising on web is the new alternative to advertising on TV

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