Ten things every business website must have

If you have just started getting your business online, you may have faced a lot of problems figuring out what are the things your website must have. So here is a list of ten things every website owner should look forward to on their website.

  1. Contact information in the header
    Since websites are made to flow your information as quickly as possible to your prospective clients, you should give away your contact information as soon as one gets to see your logo. It has been seen that a website that has contact information in its header area have higher conversion ratio
  2. Social Links
    Your social pages, all your profiles must be linked to your site. It gives an impression that you are active and updated and in business.
  3. A Favicon
    A favicon is an icon that appears in the title bar of the browser. If you see the title bar of your browser right now, you will see a small green logo of Idea Quotient Labs. It makes a site more appealing and appears with bookmarks in your browser.
  4. Live chat
    What is better than knowing that you can chat and get your problems solved in a second without having to write and email or call. Live chat option always makes a business more appealing
  5. Blog
    A blog is a regular log of something happening in a field or with tips. A website with blog attracts more traffic and regular readers who, at some point in time may convert to  a client.
  6. Meta Tags
    Meta tags are information specific for robots and search engines that tell them about the website. Common meta tags are the description, keywords, robots etc. It is always better to provide a meta tag for your site.
  7. Labels, seals, badges and links
    You should always pay proper focus to links, and try to link other websites, and also have some trust labels that increases trust in your company.
  8. HTTPS Security certificate
    https tells your visitors that your site is safe and any data that they may transmit will not be tapped in the network. Take a look at the address bar where you will see a green padlock icon in Website of Idea Quotient Labs(This site), which indicates that your privacy is taken care of.
  9. Well written and unique text/paragraph
    Every website owner should make sure that they have a well-written and non-copied text on their website. A copied content decreases the websites’ ranking in search engine.
  10. Last not but the least, Good design
    A well designed website gives a good message to your clients, it is the face of your company. Make sure you present yourself well. If you need good web design service that may take care of all of these, contact us.

Thank you for reading this list. If you feel that I have missed something, or if you have something to add, comment below.

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