The future of website design, how is it?

A Book ‘Zero to One’ by Peter Thiel has a pretty interesting method to test the viability of any startup┬ábusiness. Whether you want to invest or start a new venture the first question you ask is ‘Where do you see this thing in 10 years? Will it be still there?’.

This question by Peter Thiel is probably the most decisive thing for anyone entering the web design and development business. So, where will the Web Design be in future? Being one of the best website designing company, we are often asked? So, in this story, we investigate as to what is the future of web designing industry.

In my most recent conversation, Mr. Saddam, a prominent website designer based in New Delhi told me something I least expected. He said: “Ye field aapko zindagi bhar khila ke degi” (this field will feed you for a lifetime).

Though he is hopeful, let us look at the most recent website design industry data and see what the data says.


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