Why website designing companies are better option than individuals

In the times when a large number of semi-skilled people are looking for jobs in web design industry, not  everyone lands a job. That leads to more and more number of people opting for freelance website designing rather than looking for another website designing company and appearing for another interview.

This is leading to a influx of a large number of people who are not very smart, some extremely good at sales and others very good at convincing. This makes a very difficult choice between a company and individual. Who should you choose? Who should you go for?

Whenever you are faced with such a choice, here is a list of things to keep in mind:

Oh, okay? So are freelancers really that bad? If yes, wouldn’t they have gone extinct?

No, but in 90% of the cases it is the same. An individual freelancer eventually creates a well organized company when they do well what they do. There are also some good sides to them. Here are a few:

So what do you choose?

In conclusion, our advise: choose a medium sized company for small/large projects and freelancers for micro/nano sized projects. Thank you for reading!



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