Website Designing and Website Development…What are the differences?

You may have seen these two words “Website designing” and “website development” – used repetitively all over the web. However, if you are still wondering what is the difference between these two, welcome! below, we are going to tell you what is the difference between website designing and website development.

website designing requires creativity

Ohk! so that was spot on.  Well, website designing simply means designing every aspect of how the website looks like. Where will the logo appear and how will the menu looks like. From the nitty-gritty of designing every pixel that comes around, website designing requires a lot of hardwork, dedication and perseverance. From the appealing website you see to boring designs, every thing is literally ‘designed’ to get the best results. A website designer creates something like an image of the website that goes to the desk of web developer. Sometimes, a web designer  also codes that design to make the life of the developer easier.

Web developers make the design work

The web developer require a design, which they convert into code. Some of the most advanced web developer won’t even code the design, but they will work on the logic of making the design work. What will happen when you take the mouse over a button, what when you click it? and how will something animate, how will the integrate will the overall user experience  – these are the things a web developer is working on.

A website developer works very hard to make sure every thing works as intended. For example, the live chat box on this page works because a developer had put their hard work into it.


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