Corporate Portal Development

Corporate portal is a website that contains sections for each kinds of people the business interacts with: potential clients, customers, investors, job seekers and also integrates with the CRM/HRM that the organization uses.

A corporate portal is different from a normal portal in a way that they are developed to not only attract customers attention but also to generate a positive brand view and get investors' & potential partner attention. Whether your business style is B2B, B2C or any other, a corporate portal is your window to the business world that you seek to serve.

How we work for you..

you can get your complete and integrated website project developed from Idea Quotient Labs. We are constantly working forward to create an immersive experience for your target customer groups. We create stunning websites, amazingly innovative goal oriented site that can deliver your business to new heights and peak. Our great team makes sure that each website is exactly it is meant to be - professional, creative and result oriented.

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