What is the future of web design in 2017…?

What is the future of web design in 2017…?

Web designing may arguably be one of the few industries most likely to vanish due to automation. With everyday increase in quality of WYSIWYG editors and page builders, it looks like the future of website designing is grim and doesn’t hold much promise. ¬†Comparing with the days when most web designers were also html¬†coders, they have now reduced to just ‘designers’ due to the rapid rise of such page building softwares and plugins. So, where is the future of website designing? We look at these and also find out where is this field going and what are the promising areas in future, in the following infographic

About the author / Tariq Abdullah

Tariq likes to call himself a computer wizard and aspires to be one, one day. He is the founder and CEO of Idea Quotient Labs

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