Graphic Design Service

Flex banners are used for displaying your advertisement at public places. They are great for places where there is a large footfall or places where high traffic goes through. If your office is located at such a place, it is advisable to put up a flex banner board to promote your company and product offerings.

The design of flex banner and boards is really an important factor. It must be very clear, uncluttered with straight forward message showing your product or USP. Banners must have clearly visible contact details on them.

At Idea Quotient Labs, we make sure to deliver you best and most creative design in the market.

Our Design charge for two Flex banners each in two different sizes is Rs. 2000 /- or $40 which is delivered within 36 hours in Corel format files. Please contact us using the form on the right if interested. You can also talk to us on +91 9911942428



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