High speed Web Hosting for India, Delhi

In a research it was shown than 90% of the people would leave the website if it does not open within 3 seconds. The hosting of the website has a very high impact on the time it takes for the website to fully load. Web hosting is the foremost thing you need to take care of to make sure you have faster load times. Hence we offer you a fully packaged, fast loading web hosting service that beats all the odds. Here is why:

We offer Shared and Private hosting which are optimized as follow:

  • Our servers are manually confugured, and are not available to every junk website which pays. We carefully select servers that work best for a particular kind of website.
  • Our servers are divided into two major categories depending on the expected traffic. So, if a website is expected to have very high traffic, as in case of news website, we put it on a shared server that servers only one other news website. 
  • Likewise, if a website is expected to have a low traffic, we put it on a server with other low traffic websites and thus, all our websites run fast and efficiently with response time lower than 2ms on an average. 
  • Our servers automatically make optimizations to the website like minifying HTML, JS and CSS.
  • We have a host of other optimizations like browser level caching. 

We are, if not the largest, but one of the best choice for all sorts of web hosting services. Idea Quotient Labs provides fastest servers in India! Yes, we are one of the best provider of web hosting service in India.

Here is how to get the fastest web hosting in india for your website. 

If you are interested in getting our server, please send an email containing your website/domain and contact details to hello@ideaquotient.in. You should hear back from us within 4 hours(Monday to Friday, 10AM - 7PM)

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