Web Development


Developing smart web applications, making the web intelligent.



We create web applications that are robust, secure and reliable and with a 'scope of change'.


Constant testing, tested algorithm and proven methods are our own way of web development.


Because robustness, change, security and most importantly, end user matters.

What is web development?

Web development means creation of an application, system or services that runs online to serve a specific purpose. We provide professional web development service with a team of dedicated software engineers and web developers.

Web development service details

Web development is a broad term used to indicate development of any application or website to serve a specific purpose and solution. For example, development of a shopping cart, development of shopping website, or development of application that lets access data through internet from anywhere. It includes services such as database maintenance and creation, automation of office processes and application specific website or a solely web based offline application. An example of web development can be a website where student take exams online!

We provide professional web development service with a team of dedicated software engineers and web developers. Founded in 2009, We have diverse array of clients from various sectors such as education, marketing, production, media and other.

We provide web application development service such as customer management platforms, facebook application development, office process automation, customer engagement websites, Android application development and online game development.

Our web development service includes

  • Android application development
  • Database development
  • Office automation
  • Process automation
  • Web application development
  • Online complex systems and data exchanges
  • Authentication systems

Cost of web development service

The cost of web development is variable and can only be quoted after considering factors such as:

  • Type and complexity of application
  • Time allowed for development (lesser time, Higher cost)
  • Type of host platform (windows, Linux)
  • Inclusion of allied services such as SEO
  • Preferences of technology to be used
  • Security considerations to be dealt with
  • Nature of application
  • Other factors.

A comparison between web application and offline applications


  • Runs anywhere, anytime
  • Requires network connections
  • Usage authorization, more secure
  • Requires a running server
  • Requires no setups at client side
  • Independent of user platform(OS)


  • Can run only only where installed
  • Does not require network connection
  • Limited usage authorization, easy to crack
  • No server required.
  • Requires installation
  • Dependent upon Operating System of the user

Why you should choose Web application?

A web application is more robust and requires no upgrades at client side, one update at server side is sufficient. A web application is more secure and runs anywhere independent of platform and runs even on mobiles. A company looking for portability and flexibility should definitely go for web application. Only downside of a web application is that it requires a network connection which may be either to internet or a local network with a server.

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