WordPress Theme & Plugin Development Specialist

If you are looking for an agency to get a custom WordPress theme or plugin developed for you, look no further - Idea Quotient Labs is the right place for you. We have over 8 years of experience in developing custom WordPress theme and plugins. This page is also based on our own theme developed for our internal use. 

Theme Charges

Cost of getting a custom WordPress theme varies depending on factors such as number of layouts and plugin compatibility that are required as well as factors such as responsiveness, animations and other UX features. On an average, the development charges are above INR 15K(Starting Roughly $250)

Plugin Charges

Likewise, plugin development cost also varies from  to INR 15K($250) to higher depending on the number of hours that will be required to complete the plugin


We provide a minimum 3 month free support for free. Additional support can be bought and negotiated at the start of the project

Delivery Time

On an average, plugin development takes 2 weeks from testing to 5 weeks to production. 

How to get started?

You can send us your detailed requirement at hello@ideaquotient.in and you should hear back from us within 24 hours 

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