Web Marketing

Online advertising, marketing and keyword targeting

Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and online advertisement service

Your customers are searching for the things you offer, where are you?


Your customers are looking for you on search engines, social networks and websites.

For me?

No! not you, but your product and services. If you are not in search results, that's unfortunate.

What should be done?

You should be present in search engines at the top of result and be visible in related websites

What is web marketing?

Web marketing is reaching out to prospective customers through methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and other Online Advertising platforms.

Let's sell online

Web business is all about getting found on search engine giants like Google when someone searches for certain term or phrase or a keyword. Being found on search engines involves two methodologies one of which is to pay them for showing ‘sponsored result’ called Search Engine Marketing and other way round is to optimize the website code so that it could become readable to search engine software called ‘bot’. We help a lot of businesses reach their business targets by making them reach their prospective customers with search marketing, keyword targeting and online advertising.

Search engine marketing:

By paying the search engine companies and participating in their advertising programs, you can easily reach your prospective customers in a short period of time and get quick results

Search engine optimization:

By optimizing the code and structure of your website, you can get a very long term benefit and appearance on search engines. This is best of these two methods as it gives you more traffic as people tends to click on results more than ads.

Web advertising:

Advertising to all the websites on web participating in advertising programs

Social media marketing:

Advertise on social networks

How much SEM and SEO costs?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is based of Pay Per Click model in which an advertiser pays only when someone visits the website of advertiser.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves optimizing code of a website to improve in search results and its cost is variable.

Online Avertising is based on either PPI or PPC model. PPI stands for Pay per Impression which is costlier in many cases.

Is online advertising effective?

Yes!, many companies you know never advertised offline and still are in the business of millions. The most prominent example may be of Google itself!

Who should advertise online?

Companies seeking an effective advertising method having limited budget and a fixed target of revenue generation from that limited budget should go for web marketing service.



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