Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization Service

Get better rank in search results

Want to be shown in search results immediately?

Yes you can!

You can appear in search results without worrying about changing your website.


Pay for only those who visit your website and not for those who see your ads.


You can start immediately, right after meeting our executive. It takes no more time.

SEM service details

Contrary to SEO service in which a website’s code is optimized and changed to get higher index ranking on search engines, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) involves paying search engine in order to appear in search results. This is a form of advertising in which the sponsored results are shown in search results. The sponsoring rates are determined by the keyword type and competition for the selected keyword.
We provide services for the following search engines

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing


  • Quick and fast
  • Targeted audience
  • location specific


  • Costly
  • Lesser variety of audience
  • short term and limited results

Cost of SEM service

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) provides you the liberty to choose your budget. It can be anything more than Rs. 5000 or $100 (whichever is more)
Please contact us to get professional advice on getting effective search engine marketing.

A comparison between Search Engine Marketing and Optimization


  • Depends on choice of keyword
  • Gives you short term benefit
  • Each search engine has its own pricing and advertisement program
  • Gives you only selected kind of limited traffic


  • It is highly precise
  • It imparts a long term benefit
  • One time optimization works best for all search engines
  • More and diverse traffic

Who should choose SEM?

Companies seeking a short term benefit in limited time to get results should opt for SEM. For long term results , you may consider Search Engine Optimization service

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