Web Security: Service Details

Web Security Services

Website Protection, Email and social media hacking details.

Professional web security service to make you feel more secure on web.

Website Security

We can secure your website to protect against any incident of hacking.

Email Tracing

We can help you identify and trace criminals by their E-mail fingerprints

Social Media Hacking

We can help you if you face an illegal threat from someone on a social network.

You might not be secure on the web

The image of any brand or individual on the web is under a constant threat by malicious activities of black hat hackers (crackers) who are always looking for some security loopholes in your website oremail server or your social networks such as Facebook. If such a hacker succeeds in his effort, it may ruin your brand, your social image and customer confidence forever. Thus, professional services are inevitable for any industry and companies present on the web. We offer professional web security services to protect your website, email account and social profiles. We also offer email tracing, intrusion tracing, and ethical hacking services.

Considering the importance of web security, we offer following professional services:

How web security service works

The security of your website would be made sure by a group of 10 white hat hackers. We would deploy these professional hackers and assign them the job to secure your website by first hacking into them and then blocking that specific method (patching). Once an agreement is finalized between you and us, we ensure your website security for the whole contract period (at least one year).

Who should be concerned about web security?

Virtually eveyone. Everyone should be concerned about the security of the data being sent to a server via internet. An individual or a company having a website should be worried about its integrity and security.

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